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With the real estate market in turmoil, homeowners are deciding to stick with the house they have rather than sell and upgrade. Looking for ways to add space and value to their existing homes, they are discovering the conservatory to be the perfect solution for their needs.

Modern glazing techniques and improved construction materials have taken the conservatory to a whole new level of usefulness. Today’s conservatories are the perfect way to extend your home and get the extra space you need without resorting to an expensive and time-consuming home extension project.

A conservatory is more than a time and money saving option for adding living space. When you see the results, you will know why conservatories are the choice of designers and architects. The finished product is so beautiful, it adds far more value to your life than is reflected in its price.

Modern conservatories bring the outdoors in. Because of state-of-the-art glazing techniques, the old “hot house” effect of a glass conservatory is a thing of the past. Double glazed, specially treated glass provides superior insulation against both heat and cold while still allowing you to feel like your new addition is as big as all outdoors.

There are several types of conservatories you can choose from or you can have yours custom-made. Conservatories have been part of the landscape on English estates for centuries. Called “bespoke conservatories” in England, these custom-made conservatories are a sign of good taste and elegance.

The lean-to conservatory is perhaps the most basic style of conservatory. As the name implies, it is a slanted roof construction that is added to the side of a room. While easy to build and install, the lean to has a transformative effect on a kitchen that has become too small.

The living room is another place where lean to conservatories have been used to spectacular effect. A conservatory added to a living room can make the room feel like a grand ballroom. You will entertain in style in your new living room and your guests won’t have to find space outdoors or in the kitchen anymore!

A conservatory is constructed primarily of double-glazed glass panels. Because of this, even a picture window seems like a keyhole in comparison. If you love your garden, you will feel like you are in your garden if you have a conservatory rather than gazing longingly outside.

You will be absolutely amazed by the range of choices available to you with a conservatory. Browse a gallery of conservatories online and then let your imagination take over and create the perfect designer conservatory for you. conservatory roof replacement

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