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A cowrie shell ring is a bold statement piece that symbolizes prosperity, destiny and protection. Cowrie shells have historically been a common form of shell money along West African trade routes and still hold strong connections to wealth, femininity and fertility. They are often used in divination rituals, such as the Yoruba tradition of merindinlogun where a diviner casts 16 cowrie shells on a carved wooden tray and interprets their answer (either face up or down) to determine a person’s fate.

The ring features a large and striking natural cowrie shell charm set on a thick brass band, making it eye-catching and bold. While the cowrie shells themselves symbolize wealth, protection and beauty, they also carry strong religious and cultural significance in Africa. These rings are an easy way to add a touch of the African heritage you may carry in your blood to your everyday look. They also make a beautiful accompaniment to a traditional African braided hairstyle or a headpiece inspired by traditional African designs.

These rings have been carefully crafted to enhance their beauty, while maintaining the integrity of the cowrie shells themselves. They are made to order, so the color and size of each ring will be unique. If you’re looking to stock up on a variety of these statement pieces for your business, be sure to shop our entire Cowrie Shell Collection.

The cypraea annulus, commonly known as the cowrie shell or golden ring, is found along the coastal regions of the Indian Ocean and various parts of the African coast from Madagascar to Mozambique. The shells have long been considered a valuable commodity throughout many cultures and were traded heavily for their mineral content and symbolic meaning. Their presence at Monticello serves as tangible evidence that enslaved Africans brought a part of their African culture with them across the Atlantic and onto the plantations of southeastern America. Cowrie shell ring

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