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A silver kiddush cup is a special Judaica item that is used during sabbath and holidays to sanctify the wine before a meal with family and friends. It is usually engraved with family names words of blessing to God and symbols including stars of David, vines, flowers and menorahs. It is made of 925 sterling silver and is typically polished with a polishing cloth to make it shiny and beautiful. Silver is a durable material that does not rust or corrode and can be passed down from generation to generation with care.

Traditionally one uses a special kiddush cup for this purpose but any type of silver goblet or wine cup will suffice. The reason for using a special cup is to remind us of the holiest place on earth where the temple once stood and to show our gratitude to Hashem for his gifts to us which are represented by the wine that we drink from the Kiddush cup.

According to Jewish law, the wine used for Kiddush must be red and must come from a bottle. It is also important to remember that before saying Kiddush one must wash his hands 7 times so that there is no residual taste from any other foods or drinks which may affect the bracha that is being said.

If you are celebrating a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah it is a good idea to have enough individual kiddush cups for each person who will be attending the event. This way everyone can drink from their own personal cup and it is healthier for them to do so than sharing the same cup. גביע קידוש מכסף

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