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A lake vacation to Lake Garda means soaking up the beauty and sunshine of one of Italy’s most iconic lakes. Lake Garda is home to several gorgeous towns that have much to offer visitors, including beaches, promenades, restaurants, and bars. The town of Sirmione is perhaps the most well-known and picturesque lake destination in all of Lake Garda, thanks to its narrow peninsula extending into the water on the southern side of the lake. This little town is a popular departure point for boat tours, as well as an excellent spot to enjoy the lakefront with its views of the water and mountains on both sides.

Desenzano del Garda is another popular Lake Garda town that offers a variety of beaches, restaurants, and bars. This town has a traditional lakeside feel to it, with many beautiful homes looking out over the water and a backdrop of mountains in the distance. It is also a big location for water sports, with windsurfing being especially popular out on the lake.

Hotel Meridiana in Malcesine is a great choice for families who want to stay in a hotel that has everything they need for an enjoyable visit to the area. This hotel was once a private Art Nouveau villa and has worked hard to maintain its original aesthetic while updating it with modern amenities, like WiFi and parking with EV charging. It also has large rooms with high ceilings that make it feel spacious and airy. Outside, the hotel has a large garden area with lounge chairs and poolside umbrellas. The tables and chairs are made from STACK outdoor furniture by Borja Garcia and GANDIABLASCO, which is paired with the sculptural SAHARA planters by Odosdesign for an elegant look. beach club lake garda

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