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Getting accurate measurements while recovering or putting refrigerant into an HVAC system is essential for any technician. It helps to ensure that a customer is charged accurately and that the system will work at energy efficient, optimal performance levels. Best refrigeration scales are designed to make this job easier by providing precise weight readings.

The SR47 from Fieldpiece is one of the top refrigerant scales on the market. It features a durable, wear-resistant design with a large 220 pound capacity and an LCD screen for easy viewing. This scale also supports tank capacity programming to help technicians find out how much refrigerant is inside the cylinder. It is compatible with all types of refrigerants and can display the weight in pounds, ounces, or kilograms. It also includes a charging valve and an auto-zero button.

Another excellent option is the 98210 from Mastercool. It has a number of great features including a 240-pound bottle capacity, programmable alarms, and an auto shut-off. It can also be used to weigh liquids and solids and is backed by a 1-year warranty.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly alternative to the above models, consider the Zeny refrigerant scale. This scale is able to read tanks up to 220 lbs and comes with a hard carrying case for added protection. It also features an LCD screen and a battery enunciator. This unit is a great choice for any budget-conscious technician. It is highly recommended that you check the warranty of the refrigerant scale before making a purchase. Best refrigeration scales

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