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Once you become a mother, one of the must-haves in your list would be your diaper bag. You expect of course, to use your diaper bag for a long time. Thus, you must be looking for a diaper bag that is made of quality fabric. Aside from the style and design of the bag, the materials that were used to create it also matter. There are two common options when it comes to fabric. Mothers will be choosing from canvas or nylon. Before you would choose between the two, try to learn more about each fabric.


Canvas is a fabric made of linen, cotton, jute, and hemp. It is quite a heavy fabric that is usually used in making sails, tarpaulins, upholstery, furniture, bags, and tents. There are baby bags made of canvas. And these bags prove to be very durable and easy to clean. Here are some examples of diaper bags that are made of canvas.

a. Maria Exotic Shimmer Baby Bag by Mia Bossi

This bag suits a modern working mother because it has with it a case for a laptop. This is a very easy to carry bag which has adjustable and detachable shoulder strap. This durable bag can carry all of mommy and baby’s necessities because of it spacious interior.

b. Charcoal Green Berry Lexington Baby Bag – Canvas by Reese Li

This is made of laminated canvas that is very easy to clean because its exterior is weatherproof and you’ll just wipe it to make it clean. Its interior is also waterproof. So no need to worry for your bag if baby’s milk spilled in it. It is also a very spacious bag you can put a lot of things in it.


The nylon material is also very durable. It has high resistance against animals, rot, mildew, insects, fungi, molds, and other chemicals. Diaper bags that are made of nylon are washable. It could also have spacious interiors and several pockets depending on the style or design of the bag. Have a look at some examples of diaper bags made of nylon.

a. Maria Godiva Baby Bag by Mia Bossi

This is a very versatile bag because of its adjustable and detachable straps that can change it from a shoulder bag to a purse. It also includes a case for working mothers’ laptop.

b. Storksak Claire Baby Bag in Chocolate

This is a convertible diaper bag because you can change it from a backpack into a shoulder bag. It is a machine wash bag with spacious interiors and several compartments and pockets. This bag is also very functional because of its dual-thermo-insulated side zip pockets to keep your drinks hot or cold for a long time.

It doesn’t really matter whether you choose canvas or nylon made diaper bags, as long as you are comfortable with it and you can put all the things you need inside it. Besides, both canvas and nylon bags are good choices for any moms out there. It will be an additional complement for you if the bag also suits your personality and lifestyle. MK shoulder bag

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