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There are so many special occasions which are important in your life if you are a social person. There is no doubt that the parties are not only good opportunities to introduce yourself to others but also to make new friends,

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 who may bring some surprises in your life. Among the various parties, the cocktail party seems to be one of the most popular. If you have a chance to take part in such a party, you should make good preparation and a suitable cocktail party dress seems to be a must.Just like the implication of the name, cocktail party dresses are designed specifically for the cocktail parties. Many cocktail party dresses share some similarities. For example, most of the cocktail party dresses are short and they are usually no longer than the knee length. Such kind of design makes it convenient for the activities at the cocktail party. 

Just like the other dresses, the cocktail party dresses have many different styles, ranging from the neckline to the decoration. Take the neckline first, the common necklines styles are strapless, one shoulder, two shoulders and halter. As to the waist, you can choose a natural one or add with a sash or ribbon. As to the decorations, you can also choose the beading, crystals and bows. As to the hem of your dress, you can choose a tight one, which show your slim body, or you can choose a loose one, which may you look lovely.

There are also different back styles, you can choose high back, low back, normal back or back with straps. You can also choose the ruched or fluted dress according to your sense of beauty. Just like the bridesmaid gowns, the cocktail party dresses also vary in fabrics and colors, which provide you more choices. Just make a research on the cocktail party dresses, you may find more attractive dresses than you imagine. Choose a suitable cocktail party dress for the party and prove you are a smart social girl.. Back to school dresses

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