Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

Think of how many people in today’s society drink coffee or tea on a daily basis. Personally, I drink 3-4 cups of hot tea daily, two at home in coffee mugs, and two at work in a travel mug. People all over the world do this several times a day as well, using coffee cups and travel tumblers everywhere they go. And now, during the recent recession, in an effort to save money, people are cutting back on their $6 lattes and brewing their own coffee right at home. This creates the perfect marketing opportunity for any company or event looking to get their name noticed.

The best part about using promotional products like coffee mugs or travel tumblers is the association you get from people using them. When you drink coffee, or see someone doing so with their hands wrapped around a warm mug, the first thing that comes to mind is rest, relaxation, and comfort. Now what if your company’s name was printed on that mug? People would then associate your company with that comforting feeling and remember you instantly. The same goes with travel mugs. When rushing out of my house in the morning, grabbing my reliable and convenient travel mug filled with soothing hot tea instantly makes my day 100 times better. Wouldn’t you want the same convenience, reliability, and soothing feelings related to your company as well? All by your name being printed on a mug, you are creating a personality for your company that makes yourself memorable to all that see it.

The idea of printing your company’s name or event information on coffee cups and travel tumblers is not new, but since the recession has forced business’s to be more resourceful with their marketing, it is a classic promotional move that company’s everywhere are now turning to. Some promotional companies offer personalized ceramic or travel mugs for as low as fifty cents a piece- that has to be to one of the most affordable marketing strategies out there. So next time you reach for your cup of brew, make sure its your company’s cups you are sipping from.. reusable iced coffee cup

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