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The first factor is the actual structure of your kitchen. For example, the first step before doing anything to your old kitchen, you must know exactly how much space your cabinets are currently taking up. You will need to measure the both the walls and cabinets. In order to do this correctly, you will need help from a friend or family member.

Now to get the right measures on your old kitchen cabinet layout, you first need to start on the walls. You will be going from wall-to-wall. If possible you need to measure each wall in at least three places.

Once at the floor level, another time at 48 inches above the floor and the last place at ceiling level.Repeat as you go from wall to wall,around the room. Record all your measurements.

To do this have someone hold the tape measure at the floor while the other guy pulls the end tightly to the edge of the next wall. Make sure you have no sags or bends in the tape. Use a strong professional measure to make sure you get accurate readings.

You will probably need at least one ladder for the ceiling measurements. For the best kitchen cabinets layout design take the smallest dimensions and write them down and then record the other deviations in inches like “1/2 inch long at ceiling” or “3/4 inch short at floor”.

Next measure each wall from floor to ceiling. Now get some graph paper and sketch in the current kitchen cabinet layout using all the wall measurements. Use a page for each wall. Clearly label and mark all the windows, doorways or bump-outs or recessed spots in the room.

Make certain each wall section is accurate. A wall section is the space from a corner to a window or the doorway. This kitchen layout doesn’t have to be to “scale” but it does have to be exact.

Now measure all your kitchen cabinets and their layout design and record these measurements on a separate piece of graph paper. Make paper cutouts of your current kitchen cabinets. Move the cutouts around the “walls” of your kitchen layouts. You can remove or add more pieces as desired.

These cutouts can be used to research kitchen cabinets online and layout your kitchen visually for a professional designer. Many home owners completely plan their kitchen cabinets online using layout plans developed in just this fashion.

Once you have your measurements and have a basic concept of your new kitchen cabinet design, the second factor that you need to be concerned while developing your kitchen cabinet layout is the overall theme or decor of your kitchen. Kitchen cabinets will automatically modify and enhance the style of the kitchen they are installed in.

Any good kitchen cabinet layout should install the cabinets in such a way that they add to the beauty and function of a room instead causing even more problems in the work flow or creating an unconscious “eyesore” and making people feel uncomfortable while sitting or cooking in it.high end kitchen cabinets

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