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The traditional T-shirt and basic polo or golf shirt (as some people refer to them) has been foundational in the promotional products industry for many years. But just when these products are thought of as staples in the promotional products industry, here comes a new wave of apparel to expand the ever-growing popularity of these products for today’s busy and active generation. Many of these will be sure to enhance the appeal of promotional apparel for years to come. There are many specialized apparel products in the market today that can target very specific promotional campaigns that were not available just a few short years ago. So, just what are some of the new trends in the custom imprinted apparel market? Below are two of the most popular.

Active Wear:

Also known as fitness or workout wear. If getting in or staying in shape is what your clients are attracted to, then customized promotional apparel is a must for your marketing program. America is obsessed with sports, fitness and leisure activities. Everywhere you look you can find people and products whose whole sole purpose is to get and keep you healthy. An important aspect of that is working out.

Fitness, team and other sports apparel has always been a big part of this craze. The demand for moisture management fabrics has helped this apparel segment reach a fever pitch. By utilizing the latest high-tech fabrics and wicking materials, promotional apparel has gained very high marks in this arena. Today, you can custom imprint shorts, pants, sports bras, socks, athletic shoes, pullover hoodies, stretch tees, golf wear, outerwear even mesh apparel. Some of the more common fabrics used for athletic apparel are polyester, cotton, microfiber, rayon, and spandex.

The fabrics today are more comfortable and versatile, making them appropriate on or off the court. You can match your corporate colors with coordinating outfits and choose from a wide variety of sizes and colors. Use custom imprinted apparel to brand your promotion and show off your logo or message with the latest styles in active wear.

Uniform Wear:

Industry analysis shows that uniform wear is the fastest-growing segment of the custom apparel market. Like many other products in the promotional products industry, there is nothing scientific about utilizing uniform apparel in marketing. But unlike other promotional materials, which simply serve to get a corporate name or message out to the public, uniform apparel says so much more. This type of apparel represents what the company wants the public to know about themselves. For one, it could be professionalism; another could want to exude an air of friendliness first. Bottom line: uniform apparel doesn’t just serve to sell the company. Uniform apparel tells the public who the company is.

The uniform apparel market is not just for blue collar worker anymore. Custom uniform apparel is now for the business minded person as well. There are many fabrics to select from such as twills, oxfords, cotton, and piques. You can choose from Men’s and Ladies shirts with Spandex, Stain Release, and Wrinkle Resistant; very comfortable apparel to wear with a fashion flair. Wardrobe combinations are endless and color selections are too numerous to mention with uniform apparel. Unusual sizing is not an issue with this expansive and fast growing segment of apparel either. There are sizes from XS through 8XLG, even short and tall varieties.

With uniform apparel expanding into everyday corporate America, look for these apparel products to boost your marketing campaign for years to come. How do you want the image of your company to be reflected in the marketplace? Choose a well coordinated selection of uniform apparel to enhance your company’s promotional campaign or brand. custom fuzzy socks bulk

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