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Whether you own a sports store, sell baseball equipment, or simply want to make your company known in the sports world, custom logo baseball stirrup socks are an excellent marketing tool. Made in the USA, these performance enhancing accessories feature compression technology in the right places and blister control to decrease friction between your athletes’ feet and their shoes. Designed for both men and women, these knee high socks are also equipped with anti-odor and moisture wicking material to keep your team feeling fresh and ready to hit the field.

Baseball stirrups are a classic addition to any player’s uniform, bringing back the style worn in the 19th century by players such as Nap Lajoie and the Cincinnati Red Stockings. These long baseball socks are worn over a pair of white, knee high sanitary socks called “sanitaries.” If desired, players can also choose to roll up their pants a little to show off the socks.

The design of our baseball stirrups comes in either a medium or low-cut version, both of which are available in a variety of colors to match any team uniform. They’re made with 100% nylon for a tight fit from spring training to the playoffs, and feature a double welt top to ensure the socks stay in place as your athletes run around the bases.

Our online custom baseball sock builder allows you to choose a color and pattern for each sock, which can include up to two different colors. Click one of the options below to start building your own customized baseball stirrup socks today! custom baseball stirrup socks

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