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Whether you’re a sun-seeking beach girl or a city-hopping traveler, cute sandals for women can be found in countless styles and colors to suit any wardrobe. You’ll find plenty of gladiator options for showing off your new pedicure, as well as t-strap and lace-up sandals that look perfect with a breezy linen skirt. If you’re more of a minimalist, try slide sandals or leather flip-flops that go with virtually anything. And if you’re looking for something dressier, mules are an elegant alternative to strappy sandals.

The most important thing to remember about sandals for travel is that they should be comfortable, especially if you’ll be on your feet all day. “Look for a sandal that’s made of quality materials that are flexible and durable,” says board certified podiatrist Jacqueline Sutera of City Podiatry in New York City. She recommends bending the shoe’s forefoot strap and heel to see how much flexibility there is; too little and you’ll feel the shoe against your foot. A good pair of travel sandals will also have enough cushioning and a molded insole to keep your feet feeling great even after hours of walking around.

Another way to ensure you’re getting a comfortable sandal is by checking its traction, especially if your trip will take you on rocky terrain or uneven cobblestone streets. The best sandals for travel will have a grippy sole, as well as sturdy ankle straps to prevent your shoes from twisting on you while you walk. This Keen Sandal has just that, plus a molded insole and a thick rubber sole to cushion your feet as you walk.

If you want a sandal that feels like you’re wearing sneakers, consider the Hoka Hopara Shoe-Sandal Hybrid, which has ample cushioning for hiking or strolling through cities. Its patented RMAT material keeps your feet feeling heavenly while you’re on your feet all day and the heel cup helps maintain your foot alignment. It’s available in narrow to wide widths and is machine washable.

You can also find a pair of sandals that will work for hikers and travelers who want to explore their surroundings without wearing shoes, like the XOXO Sandals. This lightweight, waterproof shoe is water-ready and has a rubber sole that’s ultra durable. The molded insole conforms to your foot, so it’s very comfortable, even after long walks, and the straps won’t rub your legs raw.

If you want a pair of sandals that’s easy to slip on and off, check out the Amazon Essentials Women’s Flat Banded Sandals. Their polyurethane H-banded uppers look so convincingly like leather that you can wear them for a casual dinner or to run errands on your vacation. They’re comfortable, too: We tested them on a four-hour outing and our feet didn’t feel a thing. Plus, they’re incredibly inexpensive and come in a variety of colors. cute sandals for women

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