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If you’ve ever embroidered or done a paint-by-number, then you’ll love the new and fun artform of diamond painting. This relaxing craft requires focus, a steady hand, and patience. But there are some additional accessories that can make the process even more enjoyable and help you create a beautiful masterpiece. From trays to rollers and light pads, let’s take a look at the must-have diamond painting zubehör

The most important accessory for any diamond painter is the applicator tool, also known as a diamond pen. These pens come in various shapes and sizes with different features, but all have the same basic function of transferring the colorful diamonds to the canvas. Some pens have a comfort grip while others are double-sided to give you the ability to work on both sides of the canvas simultaneously. Many pens also feature a wax pad, similar to a glue stick, that allows the artist to dip the tip and pick up the diamonds. Then they can be transferred to their assigned spots on the canvas.

You’ll also need to store your finished masterpiece once it is complete, so you can keep it safe and free from damage. There are a variety of storage options, including foam boards that can be cut to size and simple plastic sleeves. These are a great choice because they’re inexpensive and provide plenty of protection for your paintings.

Some painters find that working on one color of the background can get monotonous, so some like to use a multi-diamond applicator tool. These allow you to roll on around nine drills at a time, saving you the effort of having to do it manually.

There are two main types of diamond painting: full-drill and partial-drill. The full-drill option comes with a canvas that’s fully coded for diamond placement, while the partial-drill version has some sections of the canvas that don’t require any drilling. This option is better for beginners as it prevents them from having to make a mistake that could ruin their project.

If you’re not comfortable with using glue on your canvas, then you can also buy special paint-like pens that don’t require any adhesives. These pens have the same functionality as a regular pen but are designed with a wax base instead of a glue stick. They still allow you to transfer the colored diamonds to their proper location, but are much easier to clean up than a traditional pen.

The final piece of essential equipment for any diamond painter is a light pad. This handy device allows you to illuminate your work area and can greatly reduce eye strain while crafting. It can also help you easily locate and match the color-coded areas on your canvas with their corresponding diamonds.

Whether you’re creating a portrait of your beloved pet, your best friend’s wedding photo, or a scenic forest scene, you can bring the image to life with a diamond painting kit. Invest in the right tools and you’ll be well on your way to creating a spectacular work of art that will brighten your home or office and bring you years of joy.

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