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A diffuser is basically a must-have in every curly girl arsenal (that and a leave-in conditioner that can make your hair glow). But there are so many different types of diffuser attachments out there, and knowing how to use them correctly is key to a healthy, gorgeous texture. The best diffusers for curls will help maintain your natural curl pattern and keep frizz at bay, says celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons. They’ll also create a voluminous look and give your strands more definition than a standard dryer or concentrator nozzle would.

The best hair diffusers for thick curly hair are made of a sturdy material that won’t break easily, and have longer prongs that can reach deep into your strands. The prongs will also distribute airflow evenly, rather than a concentrated stream of hot air that can cause over-drying and frizz. “This makes it a great option for thicker textures, because it can still dry your scalp and root area without crushing your curls and disrupting your pattern,” says Fitzsimons.

Another top pick for thicker hair textures is the Devacurl Devafuser Universal Diffuser, which is a large, wide diffuser with medium-length prongs that can hold clumps of any length. It also has a customizable airflow setting that lets you turn up or down the strength of the blow dryer, making it perfect for all types of curls and textures.

For a less expensive alternative, try this collapsible dryer diffuser from Ceremonia, which is a curly hair staple among the curly community because it’s so sturdy and easy to use. It fits most dryers and features a ribbed grip end to help it stay in place during a drying session (no more flimsy diffusers that pop off halfway through a drying session, FTW!). diffuser attachments

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