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32′ La Mobula

Explore Los Cabos in a one-of-a-kind adventure aboard this custom-built vessel. This 40-ft custom catamaran feels like a stylish beach club at sea and features a full kitchen, ice coolers, and all the amenities you would expect on a high-end luxury boat.yacht party cabo

The 32′ La Mobula offers you the chance to go on your own private snorkeling or freediving trip around the scenic coastline of Los Cabos. It provides an amazing experience and is a perfect way to see the area from a different perspective while enjoying some of the most beautiful landscapes in Baja California Sur.

Aboard the 32′ La Mobula you will be able to explore the waters of Los Cabos and the beautiful beaches that are located in the areas of San Jose del Cabo, Cerralvo Island, and Espiritu Santo Archipelago. You will be able to experience some of the most popular dive sites in the area and get a first hand look at many of the different species that call this part of the world home such as sharks, marlin, whales, manta rays, mola-mola, tons of dolphins and more!

You will have the chance to see the annual Mobula Ray migration which happens every year in tens of thousands and is featured on the BBC’s Blue Planet as well as numerous National Geographic documentaries. You will also have the opportunity to witness the acrobatics of these amazing animals as they jump from the water and glide effortlessly in unison.

Munk’s pygmy devil rays (Mobula munkiana) are a small-bodied pygmy species that has been recorded from the Gulf of California, Mexico to Peru29 and is considered vulnerable in the Eastern Pacific15. It is a neritic and coastal species that feeds on a diverse range of zooplankton such as Mysidacea, Nyctiphanes simplex and juvenile fishes. It is thought to be a social species15 and often congregates in large aggregations of thousands of individuals, likely for mating purposes.

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