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Floristerias are flower shops whose owners or employees specialize in designing floral bouquets, arrangements and decorations. They also offer delivery and other services, such as event decoration, to their customers. Some of these establishments even have their own websites and social media accounts. They also serve their local clientele, as well as catering to tourists visiting the area.

Being a florist is not always easy, it is a creative job that requires a lot of patience and determination. It can be stressful when you are working on a wedding for example, and there will definitely be many early mornings (if your job requires sourcing flowers from suppliers and markets). But the rewards outweigh everything, especially if you love what you do.

Founded by international-trained florist Amy Peng, Te Amo Floristeria is a leading luxury flower boutique in the Philippines, specializing in delivering high-end floral designs for events, weddings, and everyday styling needs. The brand has a roster of clients that includes hotels, members clubs, restaurants, retailers, and property developers. In addition to its weekly deliveries, Te Amo offers branding solutions and brand collaborations as part of its suite of services.

Flores is an island in Indonesia, located east of Sumbawa and Komodo Islands, and west of Solor and Alor islands. It was formerly inhabited by Homo floresiensis, an archaic human species. It is a major tourist destination due to its natural beauty and culture. The island has a population of 1.4 million people, making it the 10th most populous in the country. floristerías

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