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A pair of customized socks can be a great addition to your brand’s merchandise line. They’re not only a fun way to show your company’s personality, but they also make for memorable promotional gifts that your customers will be sure to use and appreciate.

However, if you want to create high-quality personalized socks that will give your brand a professional image, you need to pay attention to the printing process used to produce them. A poorly produced sock can turn into a major embarrassment for your business and damage your reputation.

The good news is that with the advent of digital printing, these problems can be avoided altogether. Unlike traditional textile printing and dyeing, digital technology uses computer to complete the entire color matching, measurement, and printing process. As a result, it doesn’t have the chromatography restriction that is typical of traditional dyeing and printing.

Using digital technology, you can print patterns of any size, and the printing results are incomparably accurate. This is why socks printed with digital printing can be of the highest quality.

Digitally printed socks are perfect for designs with high resolution and dynamic colors. They offer higher color fidelity than other fabrication methods and can lay out an image that wraps around the sock with virtually no pesky white gaps. The/Studio offers socks produced with this method for a relatively low price.

During the production process, your socks are heated in an automated sock heater to ensure they stay flat while being printed. This is an important step that helps eliminate dark side seams and white grin through on the top of the foot. 360 printed socks

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