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Watch Hours is a YouTube metric that measures the number of hours viewers spend watching videos on your channel. The more watch hours you have, the more likely it is that YouTube will accept your application for monetization. It takes a minimum of 4,000 watch hours to start earning money from ads on your YouTube video. The key is to create quality content that engages viewers and drives them back to your video for more. However, it can be difficult for new YouTube channels to reach this milestone. Purchasing YouTube watch hours can help new creators meet this requirement more quickly and get started on their path to monetization.

The best YouTube Watch Hours services offer affordable prices and have a variety of payment options. One of the most popular services is Audience Gain, which offers a range of packages ranging from 500 to 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers. This company is also known for its great customer service and support. Its affordable prices and many options make it a great choice for new YouTube creators.

How do I check my YouTube watch hours?

To check your YouTube watch hours, go to your YouTube dashboard and click on “Analytics.” You will be loaded with a screen that shows you information about the performance of your videos. In addition to the view count, you will also see how long the average viewer watched your videos. This is a useful metric to track for your video marketing strategy. You can also view the amount of time a specific user has watched your video by selecting the “watch history” option in the left menu.

YouTube uses a rolling calculation to determine whether your video has reached a sufficient number of watch hours to allow monetization. This means that the total number of watch hours for your videos may not add up to 4,000, even if you have a high view count for each individual video. This is because the number of watch hours for your videos is calculated using a rolling window, which looks at the last 365 days from the date of your first video on YouTube.

If you want to maximize your public watch hours, you should aim for a duration of 10 minutes or more for each video. This will give viewers a sense of completion when the video ends, and it will increase the likelihood that they will watch additional videos on your channel. Additionally, you should avoid using YouTube end screens that ask viewers to subscribe or visit your website. Instead, you should try to encourage viewers to watch more videos by showing them similar content.

When buying YouTube watch hours, you should look for reliable and reputable service providers that prioritize safe and authentic delivery methods. Moreover, they should provide high-quality views that comply with YouTube’s policies. This way, you can avoid the risk of having your account suspended for fake views. You should also choose providers that deliver views from locations relevant to your demographic. This will reduce the likelihood of your videos being flagged by YouTube’s spam protection system. watch hours youtube

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