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Katana sword is the signature weapon of the Samurai and a symbol of their warrior culture. It is also known for its aesthetic value and is often considered a piece of art in itself, not only because of the blade but even the entire sword fittings (Koshirae) are carefully designed to be attractive and elegant.

The katana is forged using high-grade steel, called Tamahagane. This type of steel is made by the tatara-buki method, which uses black iron sand from coastal Japan to achieve quick reduction at low temperature to make high-quality steel. This process creates a much harder and stronger metal than the traditional steel-making methods used for other swords.

Once the smith removes all slag from the tamahagane, they create a channel in the back and spine of the sword by hammering the hard, high-carbon steel into place. Then they add tough, low-carbon steel to the middle and forge them together, creating a sword with a strong core and a deadly blade. This unique forging process is referred to as hamon and is what makes the katana such a prized sword.

After the hamon is completed, the sword is sent for a polishing process to bring out its beauty and razor sharp edge. This is not just an aesthetic step, but an important one that ensures the katana can be sharpened and used as a weapon without damaging the steel. The blade is then put into a sheath, or Saya, which protects the katana when it’s not being used and helps prevent moisture buildup that could lead to rusting. buy demon slayer katana online

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