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When it comes to adding some instant character to a room, nothing does the trick quite like a vintage rug. The good news is that, as long as you’re careful about where you shop and you’re willing to take the time to find one that works for your space and lifestyle, it’s possible to score a vintage piece that’s just right. A few things to keep in mind are expected foot traffic, the kind of material you’re looking for (whether that’s low- or high-pile), and if it will need to be repaired.

Whether you’re shopping online or at a flea market, it’s important to double check the sizing of a vintage rug before you buy. Many times, a seller will list the dimensions in centimeters rather than inches, which can be a big difference. Also, be sure to ask about the condition of a vintage rug before you make your purchase. A little wear and tear is okay, but if you’re seeing large holes or frayed edges, it might be best to move on to another rug. Those kinds of imperfections will not only look unattractive in your home, they’ll likely cost more to repair than a less-damaged rug.

If you’re shopping online, search for retailers who offer transparency when it comes to the origins of their rugs and who vet the partners they work with. This is essential for any rug shopper, but especially so with vintage rugs. You want to know that you’re getting a genuine, authentic antique that’s been well cared for, and you should always have the option of returning a rug if it’s not what you expected.

As you shop, look for a description that mentions if the rug is handwoven or not. Authentic vintage hand-knotted rugs will have fringe that’s sewn right into the rug, rather than being added on separately like modern rugs. They will also never have polyester, plastic or any other man-made material; they’re usually made of natural materials, such as wool, although some are silk.

It’s also worth checking a seller’s return policy, especially if you’re considering a rug that needs a little work. While it’s not uncommon for vintage rugs to need repairs, you don’t want to get stuck with a damaged carpet that you can’t repair or simply can’t afford to fix.

There’s no need to spend tons of time visiting antique shops and dealers IRL to find the perfect vintage rug for your home. The internet has a vast selection, and you can actually score some truly one-of-a-kind pieces from the comfort of your couch. Using these tips will help you find the right rug to elevate your space. vintage turkish rugs

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