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When it comes to moving, every little detail matters and impacts your final move cost. That’s why getting a quote from a moving company is essential to budgeting your move correctly. A lot of factors will determine your moving estimate, from the size of your household to the distance of your move. Getting quotes from multiple movers is also a good idea as it allows you to compare apples-to-apples. This will help you avoid any surprise charges that might pop up as your move date approaches.

When you receive a moving quote, be sure to include accurate details of your household items, including a complete inventory list. It’s best to break down your inventory by rooms, furniture and boxes. The more detailed your inventory is, the better the estimate will be. You should also make note of any items you plan to donate or sell, as these can significantly impact your overall move cost.

The date of your move will also play a role in your moving quote, as movers often charge more during busy seasons and weekends. If you have flexibility, try to schedule your move during a non-busy time to save money.

In order to get a more in-depth and accurate moving estimate, movers will typically need to visit your home and inspect the items that need to be moved. This is known as an in-home estimate and it’s generally the most accurate way to determine a moving price. However, if you don’t have the luxury of scheduling an in-home estimate, many movers will be able to provide a ballpark moving quote based on the information you give them.

A few other important aspects of your move will also affect your moving quote, such as the distance of your move, access to your new home and the amount of stairs. These factors will increase the difficulty and time of your move and may require extra staff or tools, which in turn will affect your move cost.

You can also expect to pay a higher move cost if your shipment exceeds the weight that was originally quoted. Most legitimate movers will charge based on the volume of your items measured in cubic feet, but beware of companies that might charge by the pound, as this can lead to significant overcharges.

If you want to ensure the accuracy of your moving quote, consider selecting a company that offers binding or a binding-not-to-exceed move estimates. A binding quote holds movers to their initial estimate, but a binding-not-to-exceed moving estimate will set a maximum that your move cost cannot go over, even if your shipment ends up being heavier than expected. Both options will still allow you to enjoy the full services of your chosen movers and are highly recommended. moving companies quotes online

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