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PEX water pipe is a great alternative to copper piping, and is quickly becoming the preferred choice for residential plumbing. The price of copper has quadrupled in the past four years, making PEX a more economical option. It is also easier to install and provides many other benefits.

The most significant benefit of PEX is its flexibility. Unlike PVC or CPVC, it can bend into a wide radius turn if space allows. It can also handle short-radius turns by using PEX elbow fittings. In addition, PEX tubing is less prone to mineral build-up, and it has lower thermal conductivity.

There are a few different ways to connect PEX tubing, but push-fit connections are the fastest. These fittings are designed to anchor to the pipe with a push, and require no tools. They are available in both straight and angle stops, and have a built-in shut off valve that reduces installation costs.

Another method of connecting PEX is to use special clamps or crimp rings. These are usually used with PEX-A and have a removal ring to allow for re-installation. These connections are not as quick and can be more difficult to work with.

To help with installation, PEX tubing is available in pre-made lengths that are easy to cut to size. It is also recommended that all PEX pipes and fittings be warm to the touch before cutting or attaching. Keeping them warm will prevent them from freezing and leaking later on. pex water pipe

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