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Cheese puff (also known as cheese curls, cheesy popcorn, or gougeres) is a commercially extruded puffed corn snack food coated with either butter or cheese. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, usually cylindrical but sometimes curly (“cheese curls”) or irregularly shaped like those made from choux pastry (see also gougere). These little cheesy bites can be served at the beginning of a meal or with dinner. I often serve them in a basket for everyone to nibble on before dinner or to give kids something to do while the grown-ups are finishing up their meals.

The savory, lightly spiced snack is a favorite for both adults and children alike and it’s super easy to make at home. The tangy, salty & creamy cheesiness of these cheese puffs can be adjusted to suit personal tastes by adding different herbs, spices or cheeses. Paprika and cayenne are particularly well-matched to the cheese puffs, but you can experiment with other spices as well.

For the best cheesy flavor, use sharp cheddar. It has a richer, more bold flavor than the mild cheese you find in most stores. You can also use a smoked cheddar, which gives the cheese puffs an interesting smoky flavor.

The ingredients are mixed in a bowl and then piped onto a baking tray or pan in mounds that are evenly spaced. The dough can be refrigerated for up to 1 day and then baked as needed. These cheesy puffs are very fast to bake and are even quicker to cool down, making them ideal for a party appetizer. They are also perfect for a quick after school snack or to eat alongside a hearty soup. بف جبن

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