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Paper quilling is a decorative art that uses strips of paper rolled and shaped to create designs or shapes and then glued together. It is sometimes compared to wire filigree work and it has a very long history.

Quilling was popular among genteel ladies in Europe in Edwardian and Victorian times. They used it to decorate screens, cabinets, tea caddies and work baskets. They also used it to embellish portraits and urns. In some cases it was so popular that special recesses were cut in doors, frames and desk sides to allocate the space needed to make intricate paper coils.

The materials you will need for this project are the following:

Quilling paper
I used two different colors of a Touch of Silver strip for these earrings, but they also come in magenta and blue. The strip is essentially tone on tone, which means that it has a shiny silver edge, but the center of the strip is a plain ivory color.

I like Elmer’s clear school glue, but white craft glue that dries clear is also a favorite with quillers. A tool – I used a clay modeling tool to roll the coils. A non-stick surface – use a piece of acrylic sheet or Styrofoam tray.

To make a loose scroll, simply roll a strip of quilling paper around the end of your tool (without crimping) until it is the length you want to make the coil. Then, gently slide the coil off the tool and let it relax. You can then trim the curved loose end to your liking. Paper Quilling Jewelry

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