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Throughout most of history, men were the ones who worked and took care of the family. But now times are changing, and gender roles have become more blurred. Women now have careers and some even stay home to raise the kids. This means that it is up to the man in a relationship to make sure both he and his partner are on track to reach their goals in life in 10 or 20 years time. This is something that he should be doing with or without her, but it is important for her to understand that and support him in his role as leader.

Men like to feel a physical connection to their partners. They also need non-sexual touch as a way to connect and to reaffirm their emotional bond. It doesn’t have to be racy or overly sexual, but simply touching his hair or neck in a loving way could give him the same sense of intimacy as penetrative sex.

Another way to nurture a man is by taking an interest in his hobbies. It can be a simple as asking him what his favorite movie is or joining him at the racquetball court once in a while. This lets him know that you support his independence and that you want to be more than just a wife.

Men often have a lot of emotional baggage that they carry with them from past relationships. One way to help them to let go of this is by forgiving them. If they hold on to resentment and anger, it can lead to them closing themselves off to the possibility of a deeper emotional connection with their partner. A great free resource to learn how to forgive is Ruda Iande’s Love and Intimacy Masterclass. How to nurture a man in a relationship

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