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A wedding anniversary is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate your love and commitment to each other. It’s an exciting journey you are embarking on together, and a special way to commemorate this wonderful occasion is by sharing a slice of a delicious, moist and tasty wedding cake.

For many newlyweds, a preserved wedding cake is a fun tradition for their first year anniversary. The cake-freezing ritual dates back to 19th century conventions, in which partners saved the top tier of their wedding cake for their first child’s christening (with some believing it was an omen of good luck). Today, almost 46 percent of brides and grooms save or plan to save their wedding cakes to enjoy on their one-year anniversary.

It is a common practice to cut a slice of the same wedding anniversary cake every year, as it symbolizes the eternal bond between a couple and the journey they have shared together so far. A wedding anniversary is a beautiful occasion that can be celebrated with the help of the best gifts. If you are looking for the perfect gift to make your partner feel special on this day, consider sending them a beautiful and delicious wedding cake online with MyFlowerTree. We offer same-day and midnight cake delivery so you can surprise your partner at the right time and with the perfect treat.

How to Prepare a Wedding Anniversary Cake to Freeze

When it comes to preparing a wedding anniversary cake to freeze, it is important to keep in mind that certain types of cakes will hold up better than others. Lighter cakes such as angel food or spongecake will not hold up so well and may dry out more quickly than denser cakes like carrot cake or chocolate cake. It is also important to avoid fillings or frostings that contain custards, creams or puddings, as these can also dry out or become stale over time.

The key to a successful cake-freezing project is planning ahead. To ensure that your cake will stay fresh and delicious, start by making it a few weeks in advance. This gives the cake plenty of time to cool down and set before freezing.

Another important factor to consider is the type of freezer you will be using. Freezers with moisture-absorbing gel packs are the best for keeping cakes fresh and moist. If you do not have a gel pack, we recommend placing the cake in a sealable plastic bag or wrapping it in heavy-duty aluminum foil before putting it in the freezer.

Once you have your cake ready to be frozen, select someone who was at the wedding, such as a sister or bridesmaid, and ask them to carefully take off the top tier of the cake. Remove any decorations from the top of the cake, as these will break over time, and wrap it in a large piece of plastic or aluminum foil. Next, place the cake in a freezer-safe container and label it with the date and your initials. wedding anniversary cake

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