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The words “pressure wash” conjure up visions of a heavy-duty cleaning tool that blasts dirt and grime away from surfaces. In reality, pressure washing is a simple process that uses a high-powered stream of water to clean a variety of outdoor surfaces, and it’s more necessary than most people think. A clean exterior isn’t just about aesthetics, however; a good pressure washing can prevent damage, halt the spread of harmful bacteria and vermin, and even reduce allergy sufferers’ symptoms.

Before you start cleaning, read your pressure washer’s instructions and assemble the tool according to its manufacturer’s directions. Using a pressure washer without proper training and experience increases your risk of damaging your home or business’s exterior. Highly pressurized water is capable of stripping flesh from bones, and it can propel debris dislodged by the pressure washer’s nozzle at a great velocity. Be sure to keep the nozzle at least three to four feet away from any surface and adjust its angle accordingly.

When you’re ready to begin cleaning, reposition any potted plants or other items that could be damaged by the spray and move any furniture out of the way. Remove outdoor fixtures, like lights or air conditioning units, to avoid leaking water inside, and cover any electrical outlets that may get wet. Sweep away any rocks, twigs, or other objects that can become projectiles when sprayed, and cover or tarp areas that are in the path of the spray. pressure wash

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