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The most exciting sport in the world is now also the fastest growing. MMA’s popularity is now having people from all backgrounds taking a shot at it. Some tips that we are about to provide can get you off to a great start in your mixed-martial arts training.


Gaining flexibility will become more important for you as you progress in your training. The more you are able to stretch, the more control you have in your head kicks, the easier you can pull rubber guard, and a variety of other maneuvers.

Sometimes it can make the difference in the extra inch you need to be able to stretch to complete a triangle choke or take a fighter’s back. BJ Penn will show you how stretching can be valuable to you if you watch some of his wins.

Practical Exercising.

If you’re heading to lift weights before or after MMA training, keep in mind what you’re training for. You’re not body building, forget the arm curls, and get dead-lifting, squatting and other full body exercises.

These will come in handy as you will realize how strong all parts of your body are when you persist training these areas for a while, instead of building up your arms.

Train Your Core.

Any striking, throws and take-downs depend on the power in your core. This isn’t just performing sit-ups in a row and calling it a day. Use medicine balls and more full body exercises to develop strength in this area.

Remember that every punch you throw, if technique is proper, depends on the rotary power in your core.

MMA is one of the hardest sports to train for if taken seriously. There is much to learn inside and outside your training club. Utilize a solid MMA training program to get the rest of the information you need that your instructors may not have provided you. Thaiboxning

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