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Tor is an online anonymity tool that is useful for anyone who needs to protect their privacy. It allows users to access websites that are blocked in their location or country, and it is also popular with journalists and political activists as they can report on news while keeping their identities safe. However, it is important to know that Tor has some drawbacks and that it can be hacked. This article will cover the answers to the questions is tor browser safe and how you can avoid being hacked while using it.

The main reason why Tor is not as safe as it once was is because the Tor network has some serious weaknesses that can be exploited by hackers and surveillance agencies. The main threat is that exit nodes can be hacked and malicious code injected into them, allowing the attacker to monitor or even de-anonymize Tor users. There are also vulnerabilities in the software itself that can make it easier for someone to track a Tor user’s online activity.

One example of this is that a bad actor can use the same attack as a DRM file to trick Tor users into “validating their license”. This will reveal their IP address to the attacker. Additionally, if a person is visiting HTTP sites while using Tor, they can be exposed to malware attacks that can steal personal information on their computer. To minimize these risks, it is recommended that people only visit sites that are SSL or TLS encrypted. is tor browser safe

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