Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

Keeping your kitchen in style requires updating cabinetry. Fortunately, there are plenty of new trends that are both fresh and timeless.

For example, the brushed brass hardware that has been popular in the dining room is now a sleek option for cabinets. It complements both matte and glossy finishes, making it an easy way to update your look. Plus, it reflects light beautifully to keep your kitchen bright. Another trend that works well with the current color mixing fad is pairing black with white. You can even mix metals. For example, brass knobs and pulls on a Shaker cabinet pair nicely with contemporary matte black handles.

A new take on the double kitchen island is becoming an essential kitchen feature for larger open plan spaces. It offers a paired-back design to reduce visual clutter. Meanwhile, smart technology is helping to cut down on the cords and levers that clutter many modern appliances. Expect to see more integrated fridges that conceal the doors, for example.

While completely white cooking spaces remain a classic, Livspace designers are seeing more homeowners opting for cabinet styles that incorporate some light colors like wood hues or soft grey notes in their designs. This creates a more natural and warm feeling than all-white cabinets, while still giving you a neutral kitchen that’s fresh and timeless.

If you want a bolder hue, try a dark forest green to add a statement touch. The deep shade is eye-catching without overwhelming the room. And it pairs nicely with the warmth of wood and gold accents. Another bold option is to display your storage behind metal grates, which are a happy medium between glass and closed cabinets. They keep contents tucked away and protected, but offer the option of showing off jars, canisters or other decorative items.w latest kitchen cabinet design

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