Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Before millions of players, billions in revenue, and eSport tournaments that draw 100 million spectators, League of Legends was more idea than game. Co-founder Marc Merrill recalls the year that led up to the launch as one marked by terror, wild leaps of faith, and a small army of interns.

This course explores, analyzes and learns about League of Legends from a variety of lenses including gameplay, eSports, psychology, and game design. Through weekly homework assignments students will develop the skills and knowledge necessary to understand how to break down and analyze professional-level games and apply this knowledge to their own gameplay in order to improve.

The most popular video game since 2012 has a burgeoning community of over 100 million monthly active players and a global eSports scene with 100 million viewers. Despite its popularity, League of Legends is notoriously difficult to master. In this class, former EU LCS coach NicoThePico will teach students how to break down and analyze professional-level gameplay in order to improve their own play style.

The item system in League of Legends is complex. Choosing which items to use is among the most important decisions in the game. We will discuss the purpose of each type of item, how to optimize them, and what the most powerful items are. We will also cover how to use the jungle, a specialized Summoner spell that allows you to fight jungle monsters for a lot of experience. 롤대리

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