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A live cam is a streaming video camera that offers a real-time view of a specific location. It is often used to monitor scenic or tourist destinations, traffic conditions and weather patterns. It can also be used to monitor a workplace, classroom or home. Many live cams are interactive and allow viewers to leave messages. Some even allow users to control the camera’s position, zoom and pan.

For educational institutions, a live cam is an excellent way to connect with students and instructors who might feel uncomfortable in front of a class camera. However, too much in-class camera use can cause a “camera fatigue” among students, so it’s important to be selective about when the cam is on and off. During periods of interaction, such as during group projects or discussions, the cam can be on; while students might feel more comfortable when the camera is off for longer stretches of lecturing and homework time.

For businesses, a live stream is a powerful marketing tool that can help you engage your customers and show off the best features of your products or services. For example, hotels can showcase their breathtaking views and exotic scenery; tour agencies can highlight their first-class amenities; and businesses such as glass-blowing studios can demonstrate the creative process. Make sure your live stream is easy to find by creating a page dedicated to it on your website, and surround it with keyword-rich content for maximum SEO benefits.

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