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Being blessed with the most alluring landscape, having an eternal coastline and housing spectacular beaches is not the only attraction of Goa which makes it an eminent tourist destination. Goa is constituted with myriads of distinct features like enigmatic churches and temples, spectacular historic marvels. Being a house to varied cultures, festivals and other such features Goa is the most visited tourist destination and the tropical paradise of India. This tiny state of India is replete with lush green countryside, momentous towns, foamy waterfalls, charming river and glistening lakes, affluent museums and remarkable wildlife which make it an absolute destination for all the visitors having varied taste. Such wide array of tourism attracts scores of tourists to this enthralling city.

While the constantly rising waves plays with the shimmering golden sand, the majestic sun shines bright over the glorious coast. The beach coast is beautifully adorned with swaying palm groves. They behold a stunningly picturesque landscape which remains the most dominant attraction of the place. The colonial architectural edifices and fascinating churches are not left behind in tempting tourists. However, there is no doubt that score of tourist visit this place to behold the charm of its pristine beaches which bestows the best landscape with beauty that doubles itself during the sunset as well as the sun rise. The charm of Goa is beyond description when the mighty sun rises and sets while endowing the majestic aura of its sun rays in the sky which let the color of water of the beaches to fluctuates with the changing of colours of the sky.

Apart from natural splendor, the beaches are lined up with various shops offering the best of handcrafts items and several other unique attractive things. Not just shops, there are numerous restaurants which serves the best of Goan cuisine and sea food with most compatible drinks or wines as well. Feni is the most popular as well as traditional drink of Goa which cater as one of its specialties and is accompanied mostly with food or after meals. Anjuna, Vagator, Baga, Calangute, Miramar and Dona Paula are some of the prominent and enigmatic beaches of the place beholding such enthralling beauty are what contribute the most to Goa’s tourism.

The luxurious part of Goa lies in the beach resorts paired up with the vibrant nightlife of Goa which makes a perfect destination to enjoy and rejuvenate oneself away from the bustling and overcrowded city life. The people are very friendly and hospitable with a distinct lifestyle influenced by the west which will let you to forget everything and mix with the locals while enjoying to the fullest at this vivacious city of India. Private Party

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