Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

Mahayogi Shri Aurobindo Ghosh has opined: Doubtlessly mankind, by unfolding the designing of stars/galaxies right up to unveiling various mysteries of science has achieved a great deal. Yet ere we possessed a machine via which we could understand man’s soul, it appears that in comparison to this important invention all attainments of modern material science are ordinary.

Amongst the manifest and non manifest powers of humans one is a very important energy and that is his speech. Via speech man gathers information, the same information is got by others and various worldly tasks are carried out. It shall send shivers down our spine merely on imagining a world society’s sordid state if no speech communication existed in it. The mundane importance of speech is beyond all doubt. The amount of work that speech carries out for creating enthusiasm and ire while making friends and foes, no other basis of the entire world can do this.

The spiritual basis of speech is all the more important. Mantra worship is a mysterious variety of this type on the basis of which man attains multifaceted progress and a foundation of helping others is created. We all are well versed with the benefits and effects of Mantra Energy. Lest this spiritual practice is done properly, that energy can be created in untold amounts that can bestow astounding success in man’s material and spiritual arena. The chief substratum of miracles in Mantra Energy is word/sound. To sound energy manifestation is conjoined the foundation of the bodily, mental and sentimental state of a Mantra devotee. It is the combination of all these that an effect appears which can be called the miracle of Mantra Power.

Total compact sound emerges while uttering something only when all the parts of the mouth like tongue, lips, teeth, palate, throat etc work in tandem. If merely the tongue is used man too akin to birds and beast would be capable of uttering only limited words and speech. Mantras have been interwoven keeping in mind hidden mysteries of Sound Science. While chanting Mantra words not only do mouth parts move but that its movements influence mysterious centers of our subtle body. The very important centers of the subtle body include 6 Chakras (subtle plexus), 3 endocrine complex ‘knots’, 3 subtle nerves, 10 Prana Forces, 53 subtle glands etc. The flow of alphabets of a Mantra plays an important role in rendering them active and awakened. tv install

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