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RV Detailing is an often overlooked aspect of regular maintenance that can make a big difference in keeping your RV looking and feeling great. Regular washing and detailing can keep your rig from getting prematurely worn out, helps prevent mold and mildew, keeps surfaces protected from sun damage and can extend the life of key components like fiberglass gel-coats and rubber. This is especially important when considering that the harsh soaps and chemicals used in car washes can easily damage these types of materials.

Getting your RV detailed regularly is not only good for its appearance, but it can also help protect your investment and increase its resale value. Many new RVers get their rigs cleaned right after purchase, but few owners will continue to have their RV’s detailed on a regular basis. This can lead to sun damage, premature fading of the exterior finish and can cause problems with the mechanics of your RV that may lead to expensive repairs down the road.

When you hire a mobile rv detailing service, they will come to your home or campsite and thoroughly clean your RV, including the interior. These services are becoming more popular as they offer a convenient and affordable way to keep your rig clean on a regular basis. They can also save you time, stress and the hassle of dealing with a messy and sometimes hazardous project that is oftentimes best left to professionals.

Before hiring a mobile rv detailing company, do your research to find one that will provide quality work at a reasonable price. You can ask friends, family and neighbors for recommendations, or check online reviews to see what previous customers have had to say about the company. In addition, look for a company that offers a wide range of services, including cleaning and waxing the exterior of your RV, as well as cleaning the floors, carpets, and leather furniture in the interior.

An experienced RV detailer will know the proper techniques to use to protect and maintain your investment. For example, he or she will use a high-quality liquid wax to protect your RV from solar UV rays, weather, road debris and other environmental hazards that can cause lasting damage. A good RV detailer will also use a professional compounding and buffing system to remove oxidation from the exterior of your RV.

Another thing to consider is the amount of time that it will take for a professional RV detailer to complete the job. A thorough wash and detailing of an average-sized RV can take 6-8 hours for one person to accomplish, so you should factor this into your budget when deciding on a service. Also, if your RV is particularly dirty and muddy, it can take longer to clean than an average vehicle. Choosing a service that uses a portable RV washing system can cut down on the time it takes to clean, and this type of equipment typically requires less water than conventional power washers, so you’ll be reducing your environmental footprint as well.

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