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For many seniors, staying at home is the best way to age. Montreal home care can help them do that and stay safe. There are a number of home health care agencies in the area that offer services, including meal preparation and housekeeping. They also provide transportation services and hygiene assistance. Caregivers are screened and insured. Some are trained nurses, healthcare attendants and students. Others are just experienced companions. You can find a suitable caregiver through an online system that allows you to see their schedules and photos.

The system is geared toward clients who need assistance with basic daily activities, such as bathing and dressing. It is designed to prevent the premature institutionalization of seniors and reduce the pressure on CHSLDs to open more beds. However, the home support network is not yet developed enough to meet demand. As a result, the program should be strengthened by increasing the amount of funds allocated to it and by reducing reliance on CHSLDs.

The provincial government is trying to promote private home care. For example, it has introduced a refundable tax credit for people who take in the care of a parent who suffers from some loss of independence. Its purpose is to compensate these informal caregivers for their financial contributions, although the credit amounts are modest compared with the real costs of care. Other programs encourage self-managed home care through the Service Employment Paycheques, which allow recipients to manage their own expenditures with the help of a household service agency. montreal home care

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