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There’s a new player in town ready to compete with kids’ tricycles and it’s called the PlasmaCar.  Is it really directly competing with trikes?  You would assume so at first glance.  After all, they do look alike in some ways.  Kids would need to sit on them in order to operate them.  But that’s where the similarity ends as far as the appearance is concerned.

The first thing that you’ll notice with a PlasmaCar is its lack of pedals.  After all, that’s one of the reasons why trikes are very popular.  Riding a trike is very entertaining to kids and it also provides exercise.  So with the lack of pedals, how can you operate this toy?  Well, you wiggle or twist the handles.  It will then use the natural forces like inertia and friction.

That surprises a lot of people.  You would think that it’s very hard to operate with all those wheels to control.  You would also think that operating the handle of the PlasmaCar will be awkward at first.  But just like a trike, it’s very easy to operate.  It will take a few seconds for your kid to figure out how to operate it.

Some people would think that a trike is way stronger.  After all, the trike is usually made of metal so it looks more durable.  But looks can be deceiving.  It’s true that a PlasmaCar is made of plastic.  But it’s using high-quality plastic that is durable and rugged.  It can easily handle toddlers and as a surprise, adults as well.  Yes, you can bond with your little one with each one of you having one.

The load capacity would depend on the surface.  Now, it should be a flat surface for safety reasons.  For flat and smooth surfaces, it can easily handle loads of up to 220 lbs.  So how about you and your little one on a single PlasmaCar?  That sounds like fun.  If the surface is a little rough, the capacity is up to 120 lbs.  It can easily carry Mom.  How about a game of tag?

You would think that a toy like this would require expensive maintenance.  The best thing about it is it uses all-natural power.  It uses arm power which is perfect for your kid’s exercise.  So you can say that it’s good for your child’s physical development.  You don’t have to charge it because there are no batteries or any kind of fuel.  This makes the PlasmaCar very safe.

You’ll also be happy to know that it meets the important safety standards.  This means that the company’s engineers took your safety into consideration when they designed it.  Besides, it’s comforting to know that it can easily handle adults.  This way, you personally know how safe it is so you and your little one can easily have fun with a PlasmaCar. adults trike

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