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Private live-in Carers
It’s important for families to consider their options carefully when arranging elderly care for a loved one. Whether you need visiting carers for 30 minutes a week, or around-the-clock care from a live-in homecarer, it’s important that you choose an expert provider with the right experience to help.

At Hometouch, we offer a fully managed service that provides your family with a highly experienced and compassionate live-in carer. We have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to helping families arrange care for their elderly relatives and can guide you through the process from start to finish.

We’re often asked about the difference between a live-in carer and 24-hour homecare. The key difference is that 24-hour homecare enables your loved one to have someone with them at all times, whereas live-in carer breaks are built in and provide the care recipient with respite.

The majority of people who require a live-in carer do so because their needs have increased to the point where regular domiciliary visits throughout the day are no longer enough. They may have complex care needs that cannot be met in the short timeframe of a visit, such as needing help to get dressed or bathed, or they may have mobility issues or dementia and find it difficult to take a walk, for example.

While it’s possible to arrange private live-in care yourself, usually by employing a friend or family member, this can come with extra legal obligations that aren’t necessarily needed if you use a fully managed homecare provider. In addition, a privately employed carer is likely to have no cover for their shifts in the event of illness or accidents. Private live-in Carers

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