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No matter how careful you are with keeping track of your keys, misplacing them is always a possibility. If you find yourself in this situation, and the clock is ticking, the most important thing to do is call an auto locksmith. These professionals specialize in getting people back into their cars and trucks without damaging the lock or ignition. They can also help with other security-related issues.

Aside from rekeying locks, repairing and replacing broken keys, and opening locked doors, these experts also perform key duplication services. They have machines that can copy most common house, car, and office keys, and even some rare keys. Their store is open 24 hours a day, and they can respond to emergency calls very quickly.

An auto locksmith will also be able to create a spare key for your vehicle, which can be particularly helpful if you have lost your original key or it has become damaged. This is a service that most auto dealerships will offer, but you can often get this done at a lower price through an independent locksmith.

Lastly, these technicians will be able to fix transponder keys (as well as the old-fashioned keys), which can be problematic if they are not working properly. They will be able to reprogram them to work with the car’s system so that you can start it again. This is a very useful service to have, especially when you have an older car that relies on these types of locksmith chicago

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