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A sports medicine doctor specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and nonsurgical treatment of exercise and sports-related injuries. They work with both individual athletes and teams. Other names for a sports medicine doctor include sports injury specialist and sports physician.

In Canton, the average Sports Medicine Doctor salary is $176,706 per year. The national average is $158,587. This is based on hourly wage and full-time employment compensation, before state, federal and other taxes. Find the best Sports Medicine Doctors near you and request an appointment online.

Whether you are an elite athlete or just enjoy playing your favorite sport, Cleveland Clinic Mercy Hospital’s sports medicine program provides comprehensive diagnostic, treatment and prevention fitness facility for all types of injuries. Injuries are common among scholastic athletes and even casual players, but they can be prevented or treated with the right care.

Aultman Medical Group Orthopedics And Sports Medicine has 1 physician in Canton, OH that specializes in Sports Medicine. sports medicine canton ohio

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