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AUSTRALIAN bodybuilder Michael Dorn likes to take drugs that will make him bigger, stronger and ripped. They are called anabolic steroids – synthetic variants of the naturally occurring male sex hormone testosterone. He is part of a thriving amateur bodybuilding subculture that takes performance-enhancing chemicals to maximise muscle growth, strength and libido. While the drugs are heavily restricted in Australia by some of the world’s strictest laws, hundreds of men like Mr Dorn travel to Thailand for what is known as a “steroid vacation”.

But the unchecked global steroid trade, with international criminal networks exploiting weak links along supply chains, poses significant health risks for those who use them. Adulterated products, inconsistent quality control and a lack of stringent regulations also contribute to the risks.

The Australian Crime Commission’s latest Illicit Drug Data Report lists Thailand as a prominent embarkation point for people trafficking steroids to Australia. Locally, the drugs are sold at pharmacies in Pattaya, often hidden under other names and stocked alongside other medicine. The popular methandienon tablets (a brand name of the classical anabolic steroid Dianabol) are one example. They contain 5 mg of the drug in each tablet and are often packaged together in pots of 1000 tablets per package.

In a town that abounds with massage parlours and tattoo shops, the pharmacy on Soi 7 is a busy place. The owner says he sells steroids in small bottles and larger ones for those who want to stockpile the medication. He also sells cortisol, an injectable form of the hormone used by diabetics to reduce inflammation and a variety of other medicines. Steroids Thailand

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