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A teddy bear is the best friend a child could ask for. It goes with them to the mountains, the beach, sleepovers at Grandma’s, and car rides all over the place. I love to see my daughter snuggled up with her teddy every night! Creating one yourself is easy using the right crochet hook and a soft yarn. You’ll want to use a fluffy yarn, such as homespun, boucle, chenille or faux fur, which will make your finished teddy ultra-soft and snuggly. This pattern calls for a large size hook and super-soft yarn, so you may need to add additional stitches to the body and limbs. The final teddy will be about 20 inches tall.

Stitch is a humanoid alien experiment created by Dr. Jumba Jookiba for the purpose of causing chaos across the galaxy. Although Stitch has superhuman strength and a high level of computer intelligence, he is emotionally fragile and has a childlike personality beneath his “monster” appearance. Stitch is able to control his destructive programming through the guidance of Lilo, who teaches him the Hawaiian concept of ohana (family).

Despite his mischievous nature, Stitch slowly falls in love with Lilo and becomes good out of devotion to her and her children, Angel and Reuben. He also tries to reform his 625 prior experiments, whom he considers his cousins. Stitch also appears in the 2011 motion-controlled video game Kinect: Disneyland Adventures as a meet and greet character, and in the Nintendo 3DS life simulation games Disney Magical World and Disney Magical World 2 as an interactive character that the player can speak to and assist with quests. Stitch Teddys

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