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I love watches and had a great collection of favorite watches that had problems. There were so many that they had their own resting place – a great old man’s jewelry chest. (I mean the chest was great and old, not the man.) There was a Gucci watch and a diamond studded watch and several heirloom watches. Some of them might have just needed batteries but have you ever looked at the range of batteries available. I mentioned the watches at work one day and one of my colleagues told me about the watch repair shop that had been operating for generations near her home.

Watch repair seemed to be one of those things that a person could do herself (or himself) but it is not for the lazy or the technically-challenged. In honesty, battery replacement could have been enabled if I had taken the watches to a shop so that I could find the right batteries. Or I could have opened the watches and figured out which watch needed what battery. But this is not as simple or easy as it sounds. If I had gone and bought a dozen batteries for the dozen watches, I might not have running watches because who knows what the problems were. Only a watch repair professional could answer that question.

As for removing the batteries myself, I could, but good watch repair tools are costly and cheap tools might not do the job right and I could just end up scratching my head. The screws in those watches are calibrated for proper functioning and cheap screw drivers could really mess them up.

There are many reasons why we like watches. Sure, some people wear a watch for functional reasons and can buy cheap throwaway watches. Others like watches for sentimental reasons or for fashion reasons. For me it is a combination of sentiment, fashion, and money. I would rather have a good watch that lasts a lifetime.

I bundled my watches up and took them to the watch repair shop. Five of them needed batteries but they also needed a good cleaning. A couple of the others needed some adjusting. Three were just clogged with dirt. Only one needed to be rebuilt entirely. I also had a couple of straps replaced. Watch repair shop London

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