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In these times of economic worries, the fastest way for any business, from restaurants to manufacturing plants to save money is by recycling everything they can. To do this in the most efficient way, many companies are turning to leasing vertical and horizontal balers to handle compacting of all recyclable materials and even using larger units to handle trash compacting. The money they save can then be funneled back into operating capital and by recycling, they can earn the money to pay for the equipment in no time.

Why Lease?

Because vertical and horizontal balers can be quite expensive to purchase up front, many businesses turn to more affordable leasing options to be able to obtain a baler quickly and the money they earn from recycling will help to pay for the monthly fee. Leasing these types of waste equipment also has the added perks of not having to pay for maintenance on the units, as it is often included within the terms of the lease. These machines are available from both commercial leasing agents, as well as some waste management firms. Waste management companies will often offer incentives to their customers if they take advantage of using a horizontal garbage compactor instead of the normal garbage bins, saving them hundreds of dollars a year in pickup fees.

The Use of Balers for Recycling Efforts

Baling machines are the best way to upgrade any business’ recycling efforts. Every unit is capable of handling most recyclable materials, including paper, cardboard, PET bottles, and even tin or aluminum cans. By compacting and compressing these materials into manageable bundles, businesses everywhere can not only do their part in keeping these materials out of local landfills but can also earn money for their firm by turning the bundles in for cash at their local recycling center.

The recycling effort through balers has also had two other benefits for businesses that were not originally foreseen. For retailers, who regularly suffer from both internal and external theft, the use of closed off waste compactors has helped to reduce that theft by eliminating one of a thief’s favorite methods of tossing items into the trash and then waiting for it to be dumped outside. This service has also reduced the amount of trash going to the local landfills in plastic trash bags which take years to break down. The compacted mass is easier for waste management services to deal with and breaks down faster with the recyclable materials removed.

Horizontal Baler

One advantage for any company wanting to use a horizontal baler for either recycling or waste purposes is that they can be set to run completely automatic, reducing the need to spend payroll on an attendant. They are usually loaded through a top hatch, either by conveyor belt, forklift or dump chute. They find the most use in companies that produce a lot of recyclable materials, because these baling machines can turn out as much as 60 tons or more of baled recycling or waste material in less than an hour.

After compacting its load with hydraulic presses that operate from side-to-side, the automatic baling with plastic straps begins. Once the bale is complete, it can be removed through an easily accessible port that is large enough so that any forklift can easily pull the finished bale from within. For the larger waste compactors that are offered by most waste management companies, the waste is pressed horizontally into a removable bin that slides in and out easily. They take the full one away, and leave an empty one in its place.

Using Vertical Machines

The vertical baler operates on the same hydraulic system as the horizontal, and requires an operator to manipulate it through each stage of compacting. Featuring an easily opened exterior gate that leads to the loading capsule, recyclable material is loaded into it and then pressed manually by the operator. Once the bale reaches maximum, the operator then binds it with steel wires, and attaches chains to maneuver the finished bale out of the chamber and onto a skid for movement. For small businesses like restaurants, it is the most affordable of all vertical and horizontal balers to use. plastic granulator

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