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You can find expensive Italian wine and not so expensive Italian wine and they are both as delicious as the other. It is pretty hard to go wrong with Italian wine, as they are all pretty much near perfect. The history of Italian wine is a history that is fascinating to say the least.

Italian wine is a culture all its own. For generations upon generations Italian wine has played a large part in Italy’s society. As long as four thousand years ago the people who lived in Italy, the prehistoric people, were making and drinking wine. They would take the grapes still used in Italian wine today and press it in order to get the juice out. This grape juice would ferment as it sat waiting to be drunk and thus the first Italian wine was created.

Italian wine only grew and evolved from there until it got to the stage it is at today. In time the whole Italian wine making process changed and got to be more efficient. In the nineteenth century Italian wine makers learned to process the grapes better to produce better wine and to bottle this wine.

The bottling of this Italian wine made shipping it easy leading to even more popularity of Italian wine. In what seemed like no time at all Italian wine makers were able to ship their Italian wine all over the known world. Italian wine was shipped to other parts of Europe and even to America.

In all of the years that people have been drinking Italian wine it has been refined and new varieties have popped up. Each of the new Italian wines are better than the last and this is only helping Italian wine to grow ever more popular in the wine market. No matter where it is that you live you will be able to get and enjoy some find Italian wine. You can simply stop in at your local liquor store to get some of the best Italian wine or you can contact a wine merchant.

If you are interested in collecting Italian wine then you will want to talk to a wine merchant. They are a great way to get the finest of all Italian wine. These Italian wine merchants will also be able to tell you some of the things that you should know about wine and Italian wine in particular. These tips can help you to store your Italian wine properly in order that it can last for years to come. wine tours from portland oregon

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