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Fenbendazole is an anti-helminthic drug used to treat parasitic worm infections in humans. It also kills cancer cells and boosts production of a gene (p53) that can keep cancer cells in check. This drug has shown promise in treating a variety of cancers such as lung, melanoma and colon cancers. It works by blocking cell division and destroying microtubules that support the structure of the cell. It also interrupts cancer cells ability to process sugar, which they need to survive. It can also be combined with other natural ingredients to make it even more effective.

During facility treatment for Aspiculuris tetraptera pinworms, a diet containing the anthelmintic agent fenbendazole failed to stimulate growth of human lymphoma xenografts in C.B-17/Icr-prkdcscid/Crl (SCID) mice, whereas a diet without fenbendazole did. To evaluate whether fenbendazole has a role in tumor suppression, 20 vendor-supplied 4-wk-old SCID mice were treated for 8 wk with a standard diet, a diet supplemented with vitamins, or a diet supplemented with fenbendazole and vitamins. Tumors in all treatment groups were suppressed to a similar extent, but the group fed both fenbendazole and vitamins had significantly greater suppression of tumor growth.

Because fenbendazole’s chemical structure is similar to that of compounds known to act as radiosensitizers, we investigated the effect of fenbendazole on radiation dose-response curves in aerobic and hypoxic EMT6 tumor cells. The cultures were pretreated with a 10-mM concentration of fenbendazole or vehicle for 2 h and then subjected to 2-h treatments of graded radiation. The survival curves in both hypoxic and aerobic conditions showed the expected pattern of a steep decrease in cell viability with low drug doses, followed by a plateau at higher concentrations. Treatment with fenbendazole did not alter the radiation response of these cultures to either aerobic or hypoxic agents. sanare lab fenbendazole

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