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Prostate cancer remains a leading cause of cancer-related death for men in developed countries. One in six men will fight prostate cancer in their lifetime, and in many cases this disease is aggressive and difficult to treat using conventional therapies alone. Researchers are constantly seeking safe and effective methods to halt or slow prostate cancer progression, and as a product formulator and prostate cancer expert, I have devoted much of my career to this area of research. By using some of the most advanced findings in this field, I’ve developed an all-natural integrative prostate formula that continues to be studied at major research institutes with positive results.

Most recently, an important in vivo study was published in an international medical journal, demonstrating the effectiveness and safety of this formula against aggressive prostate cancer in a human xenograft model (explained below). This is now the third published study from a major university to show significant results of my multi-nutrient prostate formula against the invasive behavior of aggressive prostate cancer cells, tumor growth and metastasis. The formula was previously studied at research laboratories at Columbia University New York, NY and at the Cancer Research Laboratory, Methodist Research Institute, Indiana University Health, Indianapolis, IN, using in vitro methods (cell culture studies) and gene expression analysis. These prior studies also showed significant results in this formula’s ability to inhibit prostate cancer growth and proliferation through multiple mechanisms of action.

Suppresses Aggressive Tumor Growth without Side Effects This latest in vivo study (animal model) was conducted at the Indiana University Health Methodist Research Institute, and appears in the January 2012 issue of The International Journal of OncologyResults show that my integrative prostate formula significantly suppressed tumor growth in aggressive, hormone refractory (androgen independent) humanprostate cancer cells. Hormone refractory prostate cancer does not respond to hormone-based therapies and can be a much more aggressive type of prostate cancer. It is notoriously difficult to treat and often progresses rapidly to metastasis, sending researchers on a constant quest for leading edge advancements that can help fight this disease.This study also analyzed the formula for potential toxicity, demonstrating it to be safe with no signs of toxicity at the highest dosages. This study is a milestone in the research of this formula, demonstrating its safety and effectiveness in treating human prostate cancer cells within an animal model. These positive results offer a significant contribution to the field of prostate cancer research, and add to the growing body of published data substantiating my integrative prostate formula as a safe and effective supplement for prostate health.

Results of the study show that the oral administration of this formula produced a statistically significant 27 percent suppression of tumor growth, compared to controls. The study was performed using a xenograft tumor model of human prostate cancer in mice. A xenograft model is made by grafting or transplanting tissue or organs from an individual of one species onto an organism of another species, genus, or family. In this case, highly aggressive human prostate cancer cells (PC-3) were grafted onto mice.

Inhibits Genes Involved in Tumor Growth and Metastasis

In addition to a significant reduction in tumor volume, results of this study showed that the formula also inhibited the expression of several genes involved in cancer proliferation and metastasis. Three prostate cancer-related genes (IGF2, NRNF2 and PLAU/uPA) that were suppressed by this formula not only control aggressive prostate tumor growth, but also relate to the metastatic potential. The formula also significantly increased the expression of a gene that fights against prostate cancer, CDKN1A, which works by specifically inhibitingother cancer-promoting cellular mechanisms.

By suppressing specific genes related to aggressive prostate cancer growth and proliferation, and increasing the expression of cancer-fighting genes, this integrative formula demonstrated multiple anti-cancer mechanisms and genetic targets.This in vivo study confirms previously published in vitro data which also shows the ability of this formula to decrease the expression of PLAU/uPA genes in aggressive, hormone-independent prostate cancer cells.

Fights Prostate Cancer from Multiple Angles Comprised of 33 researched botanicals, extracts and nutrients, such as curcumin, saw palmetto, pomegranate, medicinal mushrooms, and other targeted ingredients, this formula is designed to offer support from multiple angles. It can help protect prostate cells, inhibit prostate cancer growth, increase antioxidant activity, support immunity, balance hormones, and promote overall health. This latest invivo study demonstrates exactly how this strategic formula works to not only inhibit the primary tumor growth, but also the metastatic process, by influencing distinct genetic signaling pathways related to cancer growth and proliferation. Furthermore, the anti-metastatic potential of this formula offers additional critical benefit in the fight against aggressive prostate cancer. fenben

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