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One of the hottest trends in men’s and women’s jewelry is titanium rings. No longer do ring buyers have to settle for a 14 ct gold rings from the local jeweler or department stores. Nor do ring buyers have to settle for cheap, imported jewelry that will turn one’s skin green or cause an allergic reaction.

Titanium rings have become very popular due to the strength, durability, cost and design options available. This article is a good buying guide for those who are looking for a titanium ring.

Titanium Ring Material
Most grades of titanium are hypoallergenic, which means that will not react with human skin. Most are also non-reactive to most chemicals, salt water and other corrosive elements. The only exceptions are the extremely cheap titanium rings found online. These are are often made from impure titanium or low grade titanium and will, on occasion, contain other metals or impurities that will affect the ring.

Most U.S.-based titanium ring manufacturers use high grade titanium for two reasons. The first is that it guarantees the ring will be hypoallergenic. The second is that high grade titanium is much stronger than the inferior grade titanium often used in imported rings. For the strongest and most durable ring, you need to move away from the very low price point rings.

Titanium Ring Designs
The design choices for titanium rings are basically limitless. With modern milling and engraving machines, the possibilities for making truly unique ring designs are only limited by the artisans creativity and skills.
Some of the most popular titanium rings are those that feature inlays. The base of the ring is made from titanium and the outside of the ring is grooved and inlaid with some materials. Popular inlays include gold, silver, exotic hardwoods, minerals and gemstones. These handcrafted titanium rings are all unique to the wearer and, if properly made, will last a lifetime.

Ring Makers Experience
With titanium rings, like most things, you really do get what you pay for. At the lower end of the spectrum, there are the titanium rings that are imported from Southeast Asia. These are mass-produced of inferior quality titanium and feature designs that might just be etched on the surface of the ring. These rings are good for a temporary ring or for an occasion that is not meant to form a lasting part of a person’s life.

For a women’s or men’s titanium engagement or wedding ring, you will want to locate an artisan with many years of experience making titanium rings. An experienced titanium ring artisan will have superior titanium, ring-making machines and artistry to make a ring that is is made to last a lifetime. Ringsmaker

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