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What Does the Purple Ring on Snapchat Mean?What Does the Purple Ring on Snapchat Mean?

If you’ve noticed that you’ve got a purple ring on your snapchat account, then you might be wondering what this means. When you see a purple ring on your profile, it means that you’ve been tagged in someone’s post. And it’s a pretty cool little feature that will help you connect with people.

Subscriber Stories

If you’re a subscriber to Instagram, you may have noticed the purple ring on your Stories. Currently, only those who are subscribed to Instagram can see your stories. But with the new Subscriber badges, you’ll be able to go live and share your own Stories.

If you’re interested in becoming a subscriber, you can join the service by submitting a request. The company is currently testing the subscription feature in the U.S. and Ireland, but it’s unclear whether it’ll launch worldwide. It’s possible that you’ll be able to choose if you want to have your stories seen by everyone in your network or just your friends. This is a big change because it could affect the reach of your content.

Another feature that is being tested is the Story Boost. In the back-end code of the app, you’ll be able to choose a visibility boost option. These options are similar to paid advertisements. You’ll have to select your preferences for a specific amount of time and then the boost will be applied. Alternatively, you can have your story automatically highlighted to your public network.

With the Story Boost, you’ll be able to see your story more often. That means it’s more likely to be shared. You’ll also be able to choose what happens to your story after it’s been shared. For example, you can add stickers to your Story, which will be available for people who follow you. Having the ability to do this has the potential to make your Stories even more popular.

Subscriber Lives

If you’ve been using Instagram for a while, you’ve probably seen a purple ring floating around your feed. You may also have been wondering, “what does that mean?” The purple ring indicates that your story is part of the new Subscriber Stories program, a feature that will allow you to view content only available to subscription users. However, you can still see the same content for free if you choose.

While the purple ring is a good start, you can also sign up to become a Subscriber and get access to a number of additional features. For example, you’ll be able to block other users from viewing your stories, and you’ll be notified if someone watches your story. Another cool feature is that you’ll be able to save stories for later, and view Subscribers-only highlights. These will allow you to engage with subscribers in a more intimate way than you might otherwise.

In addition to the purple ring, you’ll also receive subscriber badges that appear next to comments, inbox messages, and the primary inbox. This isn’t the only subscription option you’ll have, however, as Instagram is testing other options.
Subscriber Badges

If you are a subscriber to Instagram, you have probably seen the Subscriber Badges that are now available. These are a good way to stand out in the comments section of an Instagram post. Similarly, TikTok creators will soon be able to identify subscribers. Their stories will have a purple ring around them to let others know that they require a subscription. In addition, their primary inbox messages will have a Subscriber badge that will help them see which of their followers have purchased the feature.

The new feature is also likely to be a boon for creators. Not only will they be able to create exclusive Stories for their subscribers, they will be able to share behind-the-scenes content. This means that they will have access to subscriber-only highlights, as well as polls and other fun features that may be exclusive to their subs. As a result, they can earn a bit more while their fans have a more enjoyable experience.

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