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A custom sticker is an adhesive-backed label featuring a design, message or image with either a permanent or repositionable adhesive. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes with different coatings and materials, and can be printed on paper or plastic. They can be laminated for protection against the elements and come in a choice of gloss or matte finishes. Today, stickers are a popular form of self-expression and branding for individuals and businesses alike. They can also be used to convey political messages or make a statement about one’s preferences in products, events and even people (the infamous ‘I hate Obama’ bumper sticker).

In the modern world, digital printing has enabled affordable short-run production of high-quality custom stickers. The process eliminates the need for traditional printing plates, allowing a variety of custom sticker sizes, finishes and even specialty effects such as glitter or glow in the dark!

From 1970’s groovy smiley faces to the iconic emojis that populate our smartphones, custom stickers have become a symbol of personal flair and artistic expression. In recent years, they have gained traction in the street art movement where they are used to convey messages and express ideas through creative designs. Artists such as Shepard Fairey and Invader are now synonymous with this style of art, influencing a new generation of artists to create their own unique stickers.

Totally Promotional offers a selection of custom sticker types to suit any brand or event. Choose from singles, rolls or sheets, and use our well-thought-out Design Tool to bring your custom sticker to life!

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